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Bruvvy Live

Bruvvy Live

September 10, 2021 to September 11, 2021   9:00pm to 2:00am

Bruvvy Live

Bruvvy, a four piece hailing from the shores of Miami, is a band ready to raise the bar when it comes to the energy, excitement, and expectations associated with rock and roll. Their grit is authentic, their style is electric, and their talent is unmatched. It might be a party everyday for this boisterous new band, but it’s a party that has a theme of dedication and originality. Having fun and owning up to who they are in and out of the music industry is exactly what Bruvvy is about. Their highly-anticipated EP, out tomorrow, puts that on display for the world to see.

The young, vivacious, personable rockers are rooted in spirit. No, not the kind of spirit that high school cheerleaders possess or the type of spirit in relation to ghosts and goblins. These musicians, this band, and their music are spirited. Every moment Bruvvy is on stage is an Earth-shattering one. All of who they are is dynamic, sultry, animated, and fun. Are there some socially-sound, culturally-relevant themes throughout? Sure, but that’s just once again who they are. Everything, even this chat, showcases what Bruvvy genuinely wants to say and put out into the world. A little feminist-tinged hard rock/pop punk manifestation never hurt anyone, right?

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Date(s) - September 10, 2021 to September 11, 2021
9:00pm to 2:00am

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