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Bottled in Bond Day

Bottled in Bond Day

March 3, 2018   8:00pm to 11:00pm

Bottled in Bond Day

This event is in honor of the Bottled in
Bond Act of 1897 and the legendary
bourbon distiller who fought like
hell to make it happen, Colonel
E.H. Taylor, Jr.

On March 3rd, 1897, Congress
passed the Bottled in Bond Act.
It was a hard-won victory that gave
honest-to-goodness whiskey an
indisputable mark of authenticity.
To be labeled Bottled in Bond,
whiskey must be:
The product of one distillation
season, from either January to
June or July to December
Aged in a warehouse for at least
four years
Bottled at 100 proof (U.S.)
Include the distillery at which it
was made and bottled on the label.

Join us at Stache to celebrate this pioneer in the whiskey industry.


Date(s) - March 3, 2018
8:00pm to 11:00pm

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